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Reviews by Paul
Last review on 2018/06/04
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One unforgettable experience, definitely recommended for everyone visiting Oahu!

Posted on: 2018/06/04

We went for a 7 day holiday in Oahu, Hawaii and we were recommended by almost all places to visit this wonderful boat excursion! Boy we where we glad we did!

The cruise started with a short introduction of what we were going to be doing and what we were going to be seeing and the boat left the dock spot on at 12:00.

Shortly setting sail we were asked to go below deck where we were treated with a wonderful presentation of hamburger buns, topping, salad and chips. One of the employees had already fired up the grill to get the hamburgers done and ready.

We were given enough time to eat our hamburger and to enjoy the view before they called us up front to take a look at the dolphins.

Arriving on deck at the front we were showcased a large pod of dolphins. They stayed close to the boat for us to take a good look. The dolphins where very friendly and weren’t afraid of the boat at all. Some of them even bowed to make the experience even better.

Before arriving on our snorkeling spot we were given instructions about how to use the swim glasses and the fins. We were a little hesitant about the cold water but the sun was really strong so it evened out the temperature.

The snorkeling exercise started with us free roaming a little bit. The water was very clear and we were able to see all kinds of beautiful fishes and many other weird sea creatures. The instructor asked us to follow her in a line so she could bring us to other spots to see more of the ocean. She went down a couple of times to get us some weird things from the bottom and would bring them up so we could get a better look.

It didn’t take a long time before everyone was back on board and they started to serve us with a complimentary drink. exhausted by the snorkeling we just laid a bit enjoyed the sun while the boat set sail back to shore.

This trip was amazing, the amazing Oahu scenery alone was worth the experience! Recommend for everyone visiting this wonderful island.

Rating: star
Attended as:Families
Activity Date: 2018/05/21
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  • enjoying the ride

  • Transparent water with a pod of dolfins

  • Another shot of the pod of dolfins

  • Beautifull scenario

  • delicious hamburger

  • saying goodbye to the little one

  • getting ready for snorkling

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