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Honolulu Jet Ski Ride & Parasail Adventure Tour Combo [Open Now]

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Parasail and Jet Ski combo exercise in patience

Reviewed by: Blake, 2017/01/11

Overall it was a poor experience. Waiting was the theme here and the entire process was extremely slow. We were bused to a small and very overcrowded check in center. Had to fight our way to check in then told to wait outside. Almost all boats left and no one said anything to us. I had to go in and ask what we needed to do to get any answers. They took us out to a barge and we were told to wait. We waited over an hour with many others waiting for our turn to go. Parasailing was very short in time and length. We waited another hour on barge for jet skiing. Jet skiing involved going around in a circle with many restrictions. Then waited for another hour to get on boat to get back to check in center. Then waited at least 45 minutes before our bus showed up. Parasailing and jet skiing took total of 1/2 hour but it took 6 hours overall to do it.

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2016/12/30
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Jet Skiing and Para Sail Combo Review

Reviewed by: NDS, 2016/10/25

My wife and I attended this combo excursion looking for the thrill of Jet Skiiing and Parasailing. However, we did not have a good experience. The customer service by the vendors before we left for the boat was horrible. They seemed to be servicing people like them first before getting to us. We are not racist people but it is discouraging when we were there first and serviced last just because we did not speak their language.

The jet ski excursion was boring, riding around in just circles. We have done other jet ski excursions before where we got to go around the lagoon versus just going in circles for 30 minutes.

The only bright side to this excursion was the parasailing adventure which was fun and awesome. But, overall the vendors and the jet ski excursion was horrible.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2016/10/17
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