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Polynesian Cultural Center General Admission & Night Show [Open 2021]

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Samoa 02

Take part in six different Polynesian cultures

Canoe 01

Ride a canoe past the six Polynesian villages

Tahiti 05

Participate in a variety of cultural activities

Fire Knife 01

See a night show with fire knife dancing

Ukulele 01

Learn to play ukulele at the Hawaiian village

Basket Weaving 01

Take part in Polynesian cultural activities

Tahiti 01

See the best of Polynesian culture at PCC

Tahiti 04

Learn to shake your hips like a Tahitian dancer

Tahiti 02

Colorful dancers at the Tahitian village

Fiji 01

Tonga Canoe 01

Hukilau Marketplace 02

Hukilau Marketplace 03

Tonga Spears 01


Hukilau Marketplace 01

Hukilau Marketplace 05

Visit Hukilau Marketplace for local food & crafts

Hula 01

Outrigger 02

Take a canoe ride through PCC

Maori Dance 01

See PCC's famous Breath of Life night show

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