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The Original Oahu Ghost Tours - Myths & Legends of Hawaii

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Reviewed by: Chrissy, 2019/06/28

Me and my 11 year old son had fun getting photos and having our guide check them out. Our guide was great and made our tour informative and interesting.

Attended as:Families with Young Children
Activity Date:2019/06/27
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Orban Oahu

Reviewed by: ----------RHO----, 2014/06/14

Our night started off with a bang! We were all terrified previously as we all heard so much about this tour. As soon as Uncle Joe came to pick us up he stated " This is not a tour where someone comes out of a bush and says Boo! This is a real ghost tour and see both friendly and evil spirits" As soon as we heard this, we were terrified. Our first stop was Pali Lookout. You wouldn't believe the setting there as in influences the fear. It was dark, cold, windy, and most of all a lot of the groups got many pictures of orbs. I was told to ask kindly if the spirits would like to take a picture with me. So i asked several times "May I take a picture of you?" I got rudely declined by many of the spirits as I guess they didn't like me. Our next stop was out at a Heiau out in the Windward side. It was pitch black, no wind, no sound, no nothing. but my ghost radar app that I was instructed to download, showed multiple orbs circling every minute. I was fortunate to capture a picture with 2 orbs. Then after that we went down to old Pali Road, and Manoa. Both places were of low line negativity meaning very evil spirits. It was crazy. I thought that by being on this tour I was capable of scaring the 4 other females I was with, but I was the one that was actually scared when it came down to it. Overall I recommend this tour to all. Uncle Joe and Aunty Sharon are experts. They know what to expect, and will take care of you all evening.

  • The Oahu Ghost Bus(ter)

  • The 2 Orbs (right hand side)

  • The only time we smiled

  • Old Pali Road

  • Our Ali'i of the Evening (Uncle Joe)

Attended as:Friends
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