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Island Tour & Polynesian Cultural Center Day Pass with Dinner & Show [Open 2021]

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Cultural Center isn't a miss!

Reviewed by: Niv, 2019/01/02

The tour was okay. To begin with the driver did not wait or call us when we were at the hotel. We called the company so many times and they gave us info that the bus is late and then again in 10 minutes one says the bus left us! It was a horrible experience. I would believe they would atleast call us. But even then we tried to ask to meet the driver elsewhere to catch up on the tour and there was a long wait before they could say yes! The dispatcher lady was helpful but then the driver not so much. I didn't like how the driver kept on talking even though the crowd was asleep. Most tours I have been has a guide talking and interacting with you while the driver drives so its more fun but these have the driver drive and speak on microphone which was disappointing! The tour itself was okay because with the better tour guide it could have been much better. Do not miss the Polynesian Cultural Center. Could spend a good half a day there.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2018/12/24
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Circle Isle tour and Polynesian Cultural Center

Reviewed by: Cheryl Cooke , 2017/08/14

I was disappointed with the circle Island Tour as it felt rushed and we only had a half hour at the Dole Plantation which was sufficient only to get something to eat very quickly and see nothing else. The Polynesian Cultural Center was marvelous, great luau, great show. Our driver was a very sweet man but tended to preach and too frequently interspersed his own Christian beliefs. He also mentioned, way too often, the High Cost of Living and the low wages. He is very knowledgeable with regard to the price of real estate on the island, about which I really have no interest.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2017/08/11
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Rough ride

Reviewed by: Jas, 2017/05/13

Our tour guide Jason was great. Just wished the seats was more comfortable for the long journey. We were able to feel every bump and crack on the road going to PCC, that part i didn't enjoy, even heading back to Waikiki was miserable and rough.

  • Heading to PCC

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2017/05/09
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Some things good, some things not so much

Reviewed by: Brian, 2016/02/22

For starters, the show Ha! Breath of Life is AMAZING! If nothing else, that is worth a visit.

Ok, so the Circle Island Tour - yeah, you circle (most of) the island and see some cool things (briefly), but you can get circle island tours from pretty much everyone and ended up with about 3 total after all of our activities there over our week. The biggest problem with this Circle Island Tour is that it takes TOO LONG! You're going to want ample time to do the tour, but not when that time cuts into your time at the cultural center.

We did the circle island tour and the ambassador package. By the time we finished the tour and go to the center, did all the ambassador check in crap, and got to start seeing the center, we had already lost at least 1.5 hours of the already short time available to visit the various cultures. The group tour and the guide does help you learn some cool things, but it also makes everything take longer. In the end, we went back a second day so that we could see all the things we missed the first day (maybe that's the point - more $$ from the visitors??).

I don't want to lead you to believe the center is poor. On the contrary, we very much enjoyed the center. The luau was meh. The show was GREAT! We just wouldn't recommend the circle island tour (as it was for us) or the ambassador package (unless you want to buy it for the good seats but ditch the tour guide in the park).

Definitely visit the park, definitely see the show. Consider ditching the tour guide in the park, consider doing the circle island tour with another company or on a different day, and if you see a luau anywhere else, consider skipping it here (it wasn't the best luau we attended).

Note, the 3 stars if for the package, not for the center on the whole. The center was great, we just weren't keen on the package we purchased.

Reply from activity provider

Mahalo Brian for your wonderful feedback, very happy you were able to take advantage of another day; however sorry that the guide was not a benefit to you and your group. We will address these concerns with our team. Aloha oe!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2016/02/17
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Circle Island Tour & PCC Luau & show

Reviewed by: TizLV, 2013/08/31

The circle island tour (1 star) was too much a rush, it is literally a drive half way around the island to get to PCC, only a couple stops that barely has time to get off the bus and take photos, and no where states that the famous Hanauma Bay is closed on Tuesday for cleanup.

The PCC operates like the cruise ship, put a lei on you just to have photographer take pictures to sell you later, and then take the lei back. The so called guides in the PCC are students where some of them are not well trained to handle the group; you can do everything by yourself using the schedule of programs.

The Luau was mediocre, no whole pig roasting, just a huge dinning hall with lots of people, eating the buffet, and some show on stage. Sorry, I live in Vegas, this cannot compare.

"HA: Breath of Life" Show definitely 5 star, very well done and great performers, if you are willing to pay high price for shows in Vegas, this one is on par.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2013/08/06
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Luau and tour

Reviewed by: Chin Wang, 2013/07/10

The tour guide and tour of the island was outstanding. The show at the Cultural Center was very well done and enjoyable. The food was okay, but not what was expected.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2013/07/02
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Do not do this first

Reviewed by: Roy C., 2010/10/26

We took the tour on the first day after arriving and it was too much too soon. I am sure we would have enjoyed it more had we been rested but we were worn out.

The tour does go to all of the spots but you get very little time at any of them and the stop at the Dole Plantation is not long enough to do much of anything.

Attended as:Couples
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