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Honolulu Party Bike - Kakaako Bar Hopping Tour

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Duck Butt 01

There's a reason the tour ends at Cafe Duck Butt

Bar Tour 01

A nighttime stop for photos on the party bike


Paradise Pedals 03

Cruising through Kakaako and taking in the sights



Cozy seating and amazing beers on tap

Paradise Pedals 03

Kicking around Kakaako, day or night, is a blast


REAL - a gastropub has something to please anyone

Honolulu Beerworks 01

Enjoying Honolulu Beerworks' awesome local flavors

Village Bottle Shop 02

Sharing drinks and stories in Village Bottle Shop

Honolulu Beerworks 03

Cheers! Sharing a craft brew made in town

Brewseum 01

The Brewseum, aptly named, has unmatched ambiance

Bar Tour 02

A one-of-kind night life experience in Honolulu

My GodDaughter and the crew we road with, Great Time !

My GodDaughter and the crew we road with, Great Time !

Photo by: Ms Love

Photo by: Katie & Ben

Photo by: Katie & Ben

Photo by: Jason J

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