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Kaneohe Bay Kayak & Snorkel Self-Guided Tour with Kayak Rental


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2023/01/25 SusanH ゆうぽん

LOVED kayaking in the ocean instead of chartering a boat/catamaran out to the sandbar. Spent most of our time on the largest, and should of rowed over to where a guide had nicely dropped a pin for us, but due to time stopped at a closer one, and still got to see A LOT of different fish, SO COOL! and sea life while snorkeling, but no turtles. Great snorkel gear, no fins, but didn't need them. A waterproof cell case is advisable, a hardcase one altho more expensive would of been better, as the water's current pushed against the soft plastic and turned off the video while shooting. Another tip, I'm glad I got water sandals that strapped on, to walk on the sandbar. The water was warm and so clear, and the view of the Koolau Mountains are majestic.

If you have any questions, give em' a call, Andy was so helpful and gracious.

Kamaaina Kayak and Snorkel Eco-Venture IS THE ONE TO BOOK not only is He'eia State Park right at the bay's edge, where the crew helps you launch right into the water. Renting is a bargain and not-for-profit, proceeds help to fund the park, which is managed by Kama'aina Kids, a local childcare org that serves as stewards to the park.

What a fun activity

2022/12/01 JandJ ゆうぽん

Super fun! A friend booked it for us and we had a blast! Staff were friendly and super helpful and telling us where to go and what to expect!

Great activity with friends and family!

2022/12/01 LLandMar ゆうぽん

The sandbar is so much fun! We got to go with 2 other couple friends and we had a blast. The weather was perfect and the staff were super helpful in letting us know where to kayak to and the time expectations to get to each location point

Great Experience

2022/12/01 YoSar ゆうぽん

Super fun! They tell you where to go to get the clearest water and snorkel depending on the weather and climate of that day too! So much fun!


2022/11/16 Lance ゆうぽん

The check in and out process were quick and smooth as long as you have reservation. You can pay by card too.
You can rent out the kayaks and snorkeling gear on site.
Debriefing session is nice and short and they give you a map and show you the best spots to snorkel and sandbar.
The only hard thing is that it is hard to determine where the snorkeling parts were at even with the map. Once you are at sea, its hard to find landmarks. Adding landmarks would be helpful. The sandbar was so nice!

Kaneohe bay kayak tour

2022/11/11 Corrine ゆうぽん

This was a great experience and a definite must if your visiting Oahu. Kayaking over coral reefs and clear blue green water. It was so nice to walk around on the sandbar surrounded by beautiful water. The staff were all so helpful and knowledgeable. It was easy to find and easy to book. So glad we did it!

Fun but you need lots of upper body strength lol

2022/10/15 Val ゆうぽん

I went with my husband for this kayaking adventure. We are both very new to this so it was a bit hard at first. I think the hardest thing was understanding the map. However after a while it was great. The only down side is that is was windy and going back did take it out of us. However we did have so much fun at the sand bar. We weren’t able to go snorkeling because we we’re going to run out of time. So buy the 8 hours. It’s worth it

Kayaking was awesome

2022/10/08 Karissa ゆうぽん

The overall experience was amazing. It was the best part about our trip. The scenery is breathtaking. The best part was snorkeling in a hole that was bombed in 1942. When we snorkeled in the bomb hole we seen a couple turtles and other sea life. The only thing that I didn’t care for was that it is a workout to come back. I thought it was gonna be easy to kayak the way back but it was exhausting. So I would say give yourself some time to come back especially if you have young children because you will sweat.

Beautiful views the whole way out and back

2022/09/28 Natalia F. ゆうぽん

This experience really shows off Oahu's beauty! My boyfriend and I reserved a 4 hour time slot and kayaked out the sandbar. We had as much fun getting to the sandbar as we did at the actual sandbar. Snorkeled around a nearby coral reef and saw a huge sea turtle. Kayaked around the sandbar a little more before heading back and saw 5 other sea turtles. I hear that's pretty rare though. Don't bring towels because they'll get soaked anyway on the kayak and bring lots of sunscreen and hats!!

A must do!

2022/09/13 Jonny ゆうぽん

This was a really awesome, unique experience. I would recommend kayaking with someone rather than alone especially if you're completely out of shape like I am as I was super sore after but let me tell you that it was COMPLETELY worth it. I did see one turtle and I wasn't even really looking! It took me like 45 minutes to get to the sandbar because I stopped a few times to take it all in. I had trouble getting back on my own because it started to get windy so I called the tour people and they came and picked me up without hesitation and were incredibly sweet about it. I'd come back with another person for sure or when I'm more in shape haha!

Absolutely amazing

2022/08/16 Mike ゆうぽん

absolutely love the tour. Never been snorkeling in Hawaii. Bucket list checked. Definitely will do this again!

It was the highlight of my vacation!

2022/08/13 Rob M ゆうぽん

I can’t believe it took this long for me to try this excursion. It is an activity I will add to every visit to Oahu. The experience and view is like no other. I was a little worried because I have a younger child (11 yrs old) and we have been kayaking in the past but it only took us 35 minutes to get to the sandbar. Once the rust shook off we were able to get back in 25 minutes. The people on-site were very helpful and supportive. They made sure you had everything you need snorkel equipment, life vests, and dry bags. I would suggest the eight hour if you plan to snorkel at another location outside of the sandbar. That way you can conserve your energy for paddling back.


2022/08/07 Shellley ゆうぽん

This was such a blast! My daughter and I rented a tandem canoe and spent a glorious day around the reef fields. We would come up on a drop off, drop anchor in a shallow area and then just turn on the GoPro and swim down the reef wall with the schools of fish as our guides. Many different species of fish, a few octopus, and sea snakes. We could also hear the “crackling” of the coral (which sounds like Rice Krispies in milk), which was something you can’t appreciate when you’re in large groups of people because of the noise. Amazing experience— would do it again, but be sure and bring your “reef safe” sunscreen.

Great experience!

2022/07/13 Mira ゆうぽん

Friendly and informative staff! Gave us great recommendations on where in the waters to go. It was a very new experience being able to walk and snorkel around the Sandbar and we were very lucky to see and swim with a few turtles at the Sandbar as well!

Great time!

2022/07/09 Niks ゆうぽん

There was ample parking at the facility and we were able to quickly find the check in table. The staff let us know that due to higher than normal winds (15 mph, normal would be 5 - 10mph) they were offering people the option to rebook. We opted to continue since it was the only day we could do this.

Staff said it usually takes about 30mins to get to the sandbar. We are by no means super kayakers, took us about 45mins to get there. Spent about 2 hours out there, eating snacks, snorkeling with turtles and taking pictures.

Took about an hour to kayak back. Because of the winds, there were times when paddling didn't move us anywhere.

Overall great experience! Only rec would be to bring extra water. We each finished a 16oz and 24oz thermos, and were really thirsty by the end because of the sun.

You don’t want to miss this!

2022/05/27 Lesley ゆうぽん

I think this may be one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life- if you like to kayak and like to swim this is for you! Soo soo amazing!
If going alone make sure you bring waterproof case for your phone soo you can keep it with you in case of any trouble- you have full reception while in the water!
Great staff, beautiful scenery, and amazing experience!

Cloudy at first but

2022/03/24 Douglas Greening ゆうぽん

Sun came out! Spectacular views! Kayaking can be difficult, but really enjoyed the views!!!

A must do!

2022/03/01 Must do! ゆうぽん

Kayaking to the sandbar was an absolute blast and would do it again!

Fun time - nice staff!

2022/01/18 From AK ゆうぽん

The staff was super nice and the equipment in good shape. They provided a waterproof map and told us the best spots to snorkel and maybe see turtles. We saw turtles and lots of fish! One note; When I booked the Yak Pack tour I was told it was thirty minutes to the sandbar. When I got there I learned it was actually more like 45 minutes. So that would take a good bit of our four hours. We wanted to snorkel too so we kayaked and snorkeled and didn’t make it to the sandbar which was just fine. Loved it. Brought snacks and drinks. Had a picnic on the kayak.

So much fun!!!

2021/09/19 BuNNY ゆうぽん

Weather was tough. Super workout, but it was an adventure. So much fun! Best birthday morning work out!

Amazing experience

2021/09/16 Renju ゆうぽん

It’s a great workout; reaching the sandbar was well worth the effort.

Fun time!

2021/09/01 Valerie ゆうぽん

We had such a fun time going out on the kayak's. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Everything was explained without feeling rushed. They give you maps and explain where to go and how long it will take to get there. We had so much fun! I highly recommend doing this.

So much fun!

2021/09/01 Valerie ゆうぽん

We had so much fun kayaking. They were so nice and friendly, they explained everything. They gave us a map of the different areas to go and approximately how long it would take to get there. We had a great time! Would definitely recommend.

Beautiful experience at the Kaneohe Sandbar!

2021/08/04 Rosalie ゆうぽん

My family and I had a wonderful time kayaking to the Kaneohe Sandbar. We would love to do this again in the near future!

could have been better

2021/08/03 Jess ゆうぽん

when we went to check-in, they told us to wait for 2 hours because it's too windy. Our check-in time was at 8am and we had to wait until 10:30am. I would absolutely not recommend going in the morning because this side of island is very windy, rainy, and weather cannot be expected at all. Weather app tells you it won't rain but it spontaneously rains, especially in the morning. Also, water doesn't get high enough to kayak or snorkel in the morning often because of this. I don't even understand why they even have morning session to book tho. They totally could've sent us an email in the morning before we arrive, so that we don't have to wait there doing nothing for 2 hours, which was very unfortunate. Anyway, we waited and did kayaking and self-snorkeling, which I also hoped there was an instructor leading the kayaking or snorkeling but wasn't. everything was verbally told and self-learning. (kayak rental staff/instructor was extremely kind, I really liked him. nothing was his fault, it was just more the system how they work was not the best.) They did not recommend to go to sandbar, in fact they say going to sandbar is advanced and do not recommend for first time kayaking people. Then why do they even have it on their activity title? you expect fun kayaking to kaneohe sandbar and beautiful snorkeling, but in reality, we did not get to go to kaneohe sandbar, only coral reefs. overall, I don't regret doing this activity, just wish it was better. Also, 4 hour renting is way enough. we only did about an hour and half and was able to go both reefs and snorkel there. Giving 4 stars only because we went there for our honeymoon activity and it was fun between two of us no matter what, but if not, I wouldn't be much happy and fun with it tho.

We would love to do it again!

2021/07/29 Sharon ゆうぽん

The staff was friendly and gave clear instructions. We had a great time as family. At the beginning we were afraid since it was our first time; however, we managed to get to the sand bar. While in the water, we found another person who was very nice to help us get there. Thanks so much!

Fun times on the water!

2021/07/24 Oll fam. ゆうぽん

5 adults and 1 5 year old. Only one person with experience on the water via dragon boating.

Becky checked us in and let us know the water conditions weren’t good for beginners at 8am, we had to pass the time for 90 minutes but it made it worth it.

Joey helped set us up with pfds and the kayaks and answered all of our questions. We had a ton of questions. Joey was awesome.

We had a 4 hour block but we called it a day after 2 hours on the water, we saw some turtles, inconspicuous sea cucumbers and a lot of reefs.

We brought our own dry bags but you can rent from them as well. You can also rent snorkeling equipment.

A must Do in Oahu

2021/07/03 PbPalumbo ゆうぽん

From booking this experience to actual having the experience was AWESOME! Whether you're a beginner or a pro kayaker this is a super majestic and beautiful area to experience kayaking. The staff was super friendly and very knowledgeable of the area & scenic snorkel spots to paddle too. All the snorkel equipment is included in the rental. I recommend this place highly.

Awesome adventure

2021/06/11 Tony ゆうぽん

Was windy but still pushed on through and made it to the sandbar. Awesome adventure and very beautiful. The water was super clear. Saw corals, and the beautiful scenery which opened my eyes to the wonders of Hawaii!

Amazing !

2021/04/17 Brittani ゆうぽん

This was my favorite activity . The sand bar was spectacular and snorkeling with sea turtles made my whole life . Would 100 recommend to any one

Kaneohe Bay Kayak & Snorkel Self-Guided Tour with Kayak Rental
Embark on a Kaneohe bay kayak and snorkel adventure to one of the best snorkel spots on Oahu's windward coast. Explore Kaneohe Bay on a self-guided kayak and snorkeling adventure, and paddle away with an affordable Kaneohe Bay Sandbar kayak rental.