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Oahu to Molokai Topside One-Day Guided Day Trip (from Honolulu)


Spend the day on an all-inclusive, one-day fly away to Molokai to experience the quaint, quiet beauty of the island as your expert local guide takes you to top Molokai spots like the Kalaupapa Lookout, Kaunakakai, and a local macadamia nut farm.

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The island of Molokai is known for its quiet ambiance and incredible beauty. Take a one-day trip from Honolulu to Molokai to visit this rustic island paradise on a small group tour. Since each tour has no more than eight guests, it can be catered to the group so that you will have the best experience in the Friendly Isle. After a quick flight, your expert local guide will greet you at the gate and take you around the island's most famous landmarks. From the majestic Halawa Valley to the peaceful St, Joseph's Church built by Saint Damien in 1876, you will see the best that Molokai has to offer.

Molokai Facts & Figures: The island of Molokai is the fifth largest island in Hawaii, but it is only 38 miles long and just 10 miles across at its widest area. The scenery is unsurpassed as the island boasts the highest sea cliffs in the world, and is a prized spot with both divers and snorkelers as the island holds the title for the longest continuous fringing reef.

Known as "The Friendly Isle," Molokai has held fast to its cultural roots as the large population of residents with Native Hawaiian ancestry continue to preserve the land and their island lifestyle. It is also a popular destination for hula practitioners since it is said that the god Laka performed a dance on the shores of Molokai and with that, the art form was born.

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A comprehensive tour of this island paradise is at your fingers tips! Stops include the Halawa Valley Lookout, Ancient Hawaiian Fishpond, St. Joseph's Church founded by Saint Damien, Pala'au State Park (home to both the Kalaupapa Lookout and the sacred Kauleonanahoa), Coffees of Hawaii, and Purdy's Macadamia Nut Farm.
  • Duration: 9 - 11 hour(s)
  • Available: Weekday
  • Pick-up: Not available
  • Inclusion: Lunch / Airfare / Guide
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  • 08:00 Check-in at the Honolulu Airport
  • 08:30 Honolulu to Molokai Air Shuttle Flight (45 mins)
    308270 Skip the TSA lines and board a private 9-passenger plane, and as you take flight, look out the large windows and enjoy the outstanding aerial views that make Molokai world famous.
  • 09:15 Tour Pick-up
    Hawaii_Oahu_Magnum Helicopters_Molokai Day Trip Your local expert Molokai guide will be there to pick you up as soon as you disembark from the plane.
  • Palaau State Park - Kalaupapa Lookout
    Hawaii_Oahu_Magnum Helicopters_Molokai Day Trip Look across to the Kalaupapa Peninsula, once the area where those afflicted with Hansen's Disease, formerly known as leprosy, were banished and where Saint Damien spent many years working tirelessly to help the patients. It is now a restricted area where only residents and invited guests may visit.
  • Palaau State Park - Kauleonanahoa
    After a short uphill hike, you will arrive at Kauleonanahoa, a sacred Hawaiian fertility site. The area and the stone monument are said to be powerful, and has been a place of pilgrimage for those who suffer from infertility for those who continue to honor and respect the ancient culture of Hawaii.
  • Purdy's Macadamia Farm
    Hawaii_Oahu_Magnum Helicopters_Molokai Lunch Make your way to the only macadamia farm on Molokai! This organic, all-natural farm will grant you the opportunity to learn how to raise macadamia nuts, and you will even be able to try some samples as well.
  • St. Joseph's Church
    Hawaii_Oahu_Magnum Helicopters_Molokai Day Trip Visit one of four churches that comprise the St. Damien Molokai Catholic Parish. St. Joseph was built by Father Damien in 1876 and the church still stands as it did then, including the original confessional and Flemish ceilings.
  • Kaunakakai
    308271 A small town with no traffic lights or shopping plazas, Kaunakakai is most busy at its Harbor, which is the single source of all goods shipped to the islands. The town is also the site of a farmer's market on Saturday morning, a popular bakery, a book shop, and other unique stores.
  • Molokai to Honolulu Air Shuttle Flight
    308277 On a clear day, the return flight might grant you a spectacular view of Molokai's sea cliffs from the airplane window. Flight times are from 17:00 to 18:40 p.m. and may change daily depending on airline schedules and seat availability.
  • 17:00-18:40 Check-out at the Honolulu Airport
    • This activity is not wheelchair accessible.
    • Children of all ages can participate in this activity.
    • Participants may not scuba dive within 24 hours prior to this activity.
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    • Airport pickup after arrival on Molokai will be around 9:00 to 9:15 a.m.
    • Your returning flight to Honolulu will be between 17:00 to 18:40, subject to change depending on daily flight availability.
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    • You can book a maximum of 9.
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USD 339.00
USD 339.00

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Duration 9 - 11 hour(s)
Availability Weekday
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USD 339.00
USD 339.00
Oahu to Molokai Topside One-Day Guided Day Trip (from Honolulu)