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Feast at Lele Lahaina Luau on the Beach & Dinner Show with Open Bar


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Feast at Lele

2023/01/07 Kandace ゆうぽん

Great food and great drinks! The entertainment was amazing.


2022/12/15 Sri ゆうぽん

It was a great Experience, excellent show by the team. In terms of food, I felt it could be better in a way like if someone doesn’t eat something probably they can substitute it with something on their menu. Else everything seemed good!!!

Awesome experience!

2022/11/20 Kelsey S. ゆうぽん

The Feast at Lele is a must do for your visit to Maui! Friendly staff, great food and drinks and an amazing show! I loved learning about the different cultures and seeing the dancing traditions. And the icing on top, of course, the fire knife dance!

Beautiful show

2022/10/30 Mary ゆうぽん

It was a good show,delicious good food I totally recommend it

The atmosphere alone was phenomenal! It’s a must do while visiting Maui.

2022/10/09 Lizzy ゆうぽん

I’m so glad we chose this Luau, The atmosphere alone was phenomenal! Hands down to the dancers they put on a great show and definitely entertained. It’s a must do while visiting Maui.


2022/09/10 M n M ゆうぽん

Prior experience was very elegant. There were pictures taken by the water...Now, they cram as many people as they can. The food is served table buffet - no longer the artfully displayed food. It is still better than most but I won't be back.

Outstanding service, view and show.

2022/08/17 Priscilla ゆうぽん

Service was great! We loved the show. Drinks are not weak! Lol
The food was good but not great in my opinion.

Excellent Everything

2022/07/31 Norm ゆうぽん

Everything was excellent about this Luau:
- the location on the beach with the sun setting
- your own private table
- food brought to you instead of getting it yourself
- the variety of traditional foods presented
- the performers and their performances (especially the fire dance)
- the unlimited drinks
- the service staff
- the weather that day

OK, the only thing not so excellent was I had to pay $10 for parking across the street for the evening because I wasn't sure the 3-hour free parking about a block and a half away would be sufficient. Because we came an hour early (5:30 PM) to explore the area and the feast ended at around 9:30, you could say that was a most excellent decision.

Date night Laua

2022/07/11 Windy ゆうぽん

The experience was amazing, the atmosphere was great. The staffs and dancers, singers was wonderful. The drinks was delicious, the food was mediocre I wish it would of been better. Overall experience was so amazing, I will surely do it again.

Wonderful evening of entertainment

2022/05/18 Maricris & Bryan ゆうぽん

We really enjoyed the Feast At Lele luau. It has been quite some time since we've been to watch a luau and were in the mood to seeing the beautiful dances of Polynesia. The setting is beautiful by the water. The hosts & hostesses were all friendly & helpfully answered our question. This was the first luau that I've been to where each course was served to us rather than a large buffet. We liked this style because the servers could explain what was in each dish and we liked that each course corresponded with the island whose dance was being shown. The extra thing that we appreciated was there ability to accommodate my partners coconut allergy which we could be challenging when serving food from the islands, but they expertly were able to pivot for him in creative ways that still allowed him to enjoy most of what they chefs prepared for everyone else & he felt satisfied by the culinary experience. So much kudos to the kitchen staff.

The show itself was beautiful to watch. We enjoyed the band that played in the beginning and in between each dance routine. The host was helped guide & give a little of info on each of the dances. The dancers were great as well. I definitely would recommend the Feast at Lele if you want the luau experience.

Best Luau i've been to so far.

2022/05/13 Winston ゆうぽん

The Feast at Lele Lahaina was quite the "luxurious Luau" experience. At the Feast at Lele, you and your date and/or group are sat at your own table, which is on the beach, right next to the water. You get five different courses, all you can eat servings, and unlimited drinks. This Luau may not be the most "traditional" or stereotypical Luau and there may not be as much focus on the actual dancing/firedancing, however, if you want a more romantic or surreal experience, this is the Luau company to go with. The Luau starts around 6pm while the sun is still up and bright. As the dinner and show progress, you get to see the sun slowly set behind you, while you dine on the beach, and take in the moment... Food was excellent and the drinks were even better. I had the best "Lava Flow" drink i've ever had here. 100% recommend this for a dinner date.

Wonderful evening

2022/04/29 Cluckcluckrooster ゆうぽん

Next to the beach and you get to see the sun setting. Beautiful view. Most of the dishes were so yummy and it's s great tasting experience. Cocktails were so yummy. The lava flow is such a creamy drink like yogurt. Highly recommend. Wish there was more fire performance.

Amazing time!

2022/04/01 Yari ゆうぽん

We had an amazing time at the luau. The food was incredible as was all the different dances. What I love most is how it takes out to 4 different cultures. I was with a family of 5 with 3 picky teenagers and they all try the different types of food. The really enjoyed the experience. I Absolutely recommended it.

Lovely Luau!

2022/03/19 Bethany ゆうぽん

Our family of 13 attended the Feast of Lele Luau and Dinner Show in February 2022. The setting was beautiful, the food was delicious and the entertainment was delightful! Our table was near the back, which allowed our four girls (all under 10 years of age) to play in the sand and build castles when they got distracted from the show or tired of waiting for the next course. It was a wonderful experience for all!

Great display of Polynesian culture!

2022/03/11 Anh ゆうぽん

This was a really great experience of Polynesian culture. You'll get to experience a bit of Hawai'i, New Zealand (Aotearoa), Tahiti, and Samoa. The staff was great and music was really relaxing. Drinks were also unlimited and there were recommended drinks with each meal. My wife and I really enjoyed the food and whole experience.

Delightful and entertaining!!

2022/02/28 C. Anderson ゆうぽん

The history of the islands blended with song dance and food was delightful and moved along smoothly. Food was delicious, servers were prompt and friendly, and modified meals for gluten free ease. I would most certainly visit again!


2021/12/15 Stephanie ゆうぽん

We had so much fun at the luau everyone was so friendly and food was really good the drinks were also our waitress and the the staff were terrific will definitely come back again I really liked that our food was served to us and not buffet style kudos to the performer they all did an excellent job


2021/10/23 Luau lover ゆうぽん

This is the best luau in Maui! The show is great and really let’s one appreciate the love of the land and culture, the performers are phenomenal! The food was delicious and had the right amount of servings for all of us in our large group to experience the exceptional flavors. The servers are top notch, our server Bula was nothing short of spectacular! He made us feel like we were family being welcomed back home. We attended 2 other luaus on the island but the Feast at Lele was by far the best! This show was really the exclamation point on our vacation! Thank you!❤️

Feast at Lele Lahaina Luau on the Beach & Dinner Show with Open Bar
Experience the best beachfront Hawaii luau on Maui with the world-renowned Feast at Lele dinner and show in Lahaina. Taste the flavors of Polynesia with a gourmet dinner served at your table, and enjoy an authentic evening of island song and dance.