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The manta ray night snorkel is one of the most popular things to do in Kona and is only possible in a few places in the world. Experience a once in a lifetime encounter with giant manta rays, an experience you can only find in Hawaii on the Big Island. Keauhou Bay is famous for its resident manta rays who put on a show every night. Watch these massive and graceful animals up close as they come out to play and feed on microscopic plankton.

Hawaii Activities has the best selection of Big Island manta ray snorkeling and diving tours. Find the best deals and discounts on manta ray night snorkeling in Kona. Book your manta ray night tour early as they sell out quickly. You can find all of the best Hawaii Manta Tours right here, including Sea Paradise, Sea Quest, Ocean Encounters, Kona Ocean Experience, Eka Canoe, Dolphin Discoveries, and Wahine Charters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does manta ray night snorkeling work?

Your guides will begin your manta experience with a thorough explanation of everything manta. Floating light boards are used to light up the ocean from the surface to the ocean floor. The lights attract the plankton, and the plankton attracts the mantas. You will float at the surface, holding onto the light board watching as the manta come swooping in beneath you. Very minimal snorkeling effort is required.

Do I need to know how to swim?

Yes, although very minimal snorkel effort is required, you must be familiar with and comfortable using snorkeling equipment. Please consider that you are going into the ocean at night. This is not the type of tour for learning how to snorkel.

Flotation devices are provided to help you easily relax and float flat on the surface while watching the mantas. It is important to understand that using flotation devices is NOT a substitution for being comfortable with swimming and using snorkeling equipment.

Are we guaranteed to see mantas?

The success rate for manta ray sightings in Kona is very high, in the 90-95% range. Also, some but not all manta ray night tours offer a manta sighting guarantee, which entitles you to go on the tour again for free if manta rays are not sighted.

Can I scuba dive with manta rays?

Yes, join Big Island Divers for a manta ray night dive on SCUBA.

Where can I snorkel with Mantas in Hawaii?

The only place to snorkel with mantas is on Big Island. Most of the tours take place at Manta Village, Keauhou Bay with boats departing from Keauhou Bay and Honokohau Harbor. Both departure locations are convenient If you are staying in Kona. If you are staying in Waikoloa, Kohala or Hapuna, it is recommended to book a tour departing from Honokohau Harbor.

Choose Your Big Island Manta Night Snorkel

Tour Departure Location Duration Capacity Inclusions Type of Boat
Sea Paradise Keauhou Bay 2 hrs 36 Wetsuit, Beverages
Hot Cocoa, Snacks
Trimaran Sailboat
Dolphin Discoveries Keauhou Bay 1.5 hrs 16 Hot Tea
Wetsuit Top
Ocean Raft
Sea Quest Keauhou Bay 1.25 hrs 27 Hot Cocoa & Cookies
Ocean Raft
Ocean Encounters Honokohau Harbor 3 hrs 35 Beverages, Snacks
46’ Power Boat
Eka Canoe Keauhou Bay 1 hr 6 Snorkel gear, Wetsuit Sailing Canoe
Wahine Charters Honokohau Harbor 2 hrs 14 Wetsuit, Hot Chocolate
Beverages, Snacks
29’ Power Boat
Kona Ocean Experience Keauhou Bay 1 hr 6 Light Meal, Beverages
Wet Suit
Ocean raft
Hula Kai Keauhou Bay 1.5 hrs 22 Soup & Bread, Hot Drinks
Wet Suit top
55ft Catamaran
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    Availability varies by date for all activities.

  1. No.1
    Take a short sail to Manta Ray Village for a personal and intimate snorkeling encounter with wild Manta Rays at night from Keauhou Bay! Get to see the gentle giants of the ocean at their most active.

    From USD120.33

    1.5 - 2.5 hour(s) (evening)
  2. No.2
    Discover the beauty of the majestic manta ray, considered to be one of the most memorable experiences to be had on the Big Island. Watch as these gentle giants glide through the water feeding on plankton which are attracted by underwater lights.


    1.5 hour(s) (evening)
  3. No.3
    Experience the once-in-a-lifetime spectacle of swimming with manta rays! Every night, these graceful, nocturnal sea creatures come out to feed. Don't miss this opportunity to snorkel with mantas in Kona!


    1.5 hour(s) (evening)
  4. Have an evening to remember as you set out on a semi-private sunset cruise with delicious fruit and sushi, and then snorkel among the majestic giant manta rays.


    1.5 hour(s) (evening)
  5. One of Kona’s top bucket list experiences! Swim with giant manta rays after watching the sunset on the horizon. An encounter with these gentle giants is guaranteed to create memories that will last a lifetime!


    3.5 hour(s) (evening)
  6. One of the most famous attractions in Kona, go night diving to see the manta rays as these nocturnal fish come to feed in the waters of Keauhou Bay. For certified divers only.

    From USD144.89

    5 - 7.5 hour(s) (afternoon, evening)
  7. Sail from Keauhou Bay by Hawaiian Sailing canoe for Hawaii's #1 marine encounter! A unique way to go see and snorkel with Mantas at night.


    1.5 hour(s) (evening)
  8. Explore the mystical underwater world when you set out to the beautiful Kona Coast and swim with manta rays in the moonlit waters of Keauhou Bay! See the graceful giants up-close on this once in a lifetime manta ray night snorkel adventure!


    2 hour(s) (evening)

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