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Volcano Lava Ocean Boat Tour - Daytime, Sunrise & Sunset Active Lava Viewing

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3.673.67 / 5


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Just amazing. Once-in-a-lifetime Experience!

Reviewed by: George, 2018/06/11

This was by far the most amazing boat ride I ever had.

We met at the harbor well before the sunrise, and after the brief safety instruction, we boarded on this massive speed cruiser. We took off and went from 0 to the top speed in minutes in the pitch darkness (I swear the captain had a night vision), and it literally felt like we were on the secret 007 mission. The ride was wet and bumpy, and my arms got tired from holding on to the bar. Bring a rain poncho if you don't want to get wet from the ocean spray. If you are prone to the sea sickness, take a motion sickness pill prior to the ride.

After about 45min of riding, we started seeing a glow in the distance. As we got closer to the ocean entry point, the lave heat started warming our skin although we were at least 100 yard away from it. The captain scooped a sea water from where we were into a bucket, and went around the boat so we could put our hands in the bucket and feel the temperature. It's amazing how the lava could heat up so much ocean water around the entry point.

The ride back was peaceful and we enjoyed the nice view of the volcanic cliffs with a few caves along the way.

Overall, this was a great tour. Not too many people can say that you witnessed the creation of the newest land on the earth. Highly recommended!

Attended as:Couples
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Great job Veltra - Lousy Acitivty provider (Lava Ocean Tours, Inc.)

Reviewed by: Bernard, 2017/07/11

The agency Veltra was very easy to work with. They were very responsive and quite professional. They made scheduling the tour easy. The activity provider I did the tour with was called Lava Ocean Tours Inc. The captain was very rude and unprofessional. He was short and condescending. Most passengers were taken back by his attitude. I would not recommend this tour if Veltra gets you on boat from Lava Ocean Tours, Inc.

Attended as:Families with Young Children
Activity Date:2017/07/07
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A Thrill Ride and a Natural Marvel

Reviewed by: Randall F., 2016/12/06

I'm not a religious person, but something about this experience felt sacred; crashing through rolling waves along stretches of completely uninhabited shoreline, and then coming to rest with the boat surrounded by thick volcanic smoke. Looking out through breaks in the white clouds, you can't help but feel a vague sense that you've left the world you're familiar with behind—that you've breached some dividing line and are now in a place still under the control of something incalculably ancient. This tour is refreshing, in that the excitement of a new experience will invigorate you, but it's also physically demanding. The boat ride can be a bit difficult to bear at times. That said, I wouldn't let that discourage you. Trust your own judgement, but go into it fully aware that the trip out to the lava flow is not a pleasure cruise.

  • The surrounding water is actually hot to the touch

Reply from activity provider

Yes this is an ocean adventure out to see one of earths rarest attractions mahalo for joining us Randle and experiencing the magic of lava touching the sea.

Attended as:Friends
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