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Sunset & Moonlight Swim with Manta Rays Cruise Adventure (from Honokohau Harbor)

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4.714.71 / 5


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Outstanding Manta experience

Reviewed by: Mellissa , 2018/06/14

I was so scared being a non swimmer but I’m so glad I didn’t chicken out and did it!!! What an incredible experience. Professional crew that kept us safe and relaxed the entire time. I would recommend Wahine Charters to anyone and will recommend to all my friends!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2018/06/07
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Where's the Mantas?

Reviewed by: Ilse, 2018/01/20

This was my second Manta experience and I was disappointed not to see a manta. There were a lot of boats out looking, I counted 15 at one time and it was just before dusk. On a previous Manta experience it was later so I wonder if they prefer to feed later when it's completely dark? I felt like I got to the party early and the cool kids showed up after I left. There was no lack of plankton however, so we were amused by the fish that gathered; an entire school under our light. I've gotten used to the 'entertainment' boat staff provides which makes an excursion more fun. This excursion was rather perfunctory. Go out, hop in the water, no manta, ok, go back. Everyone was rather disappointed not to see Mantas, so I'm not sure if that made going back seem rather glum. I realize these are wild creatures but my last excursion (with another company) there were quite a few Manta, like 6-8? It was an incredible experience that I wanted to repeat with my husband and was disappointed.

Reply from activity provider

Aloha, Thank you for coming out with us on the Manta Ray swim. I'm sorry that the Manta Rays did not cooperate that evening. Wahine Charters is one of the few tour companies that will take you out again for free if you don't see the Manta Rays. I hope you will take us up on that offer. We offer two Manta Ray tour departure times; the Sunset Manta tour and a later Moonlit Manta tour. Sometimes we see more Mantas on the Sunset tour and sometimes we see more on the moonlit tour, and occasionally we don't see any. There are two Manta Ray snorkel locations and we will take you to the location we believe will have the best show. We hope to see you again.
Captain Tim

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2017/12/29
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Amazing adventure!

Reviewed by: Elizabeth from AR, 2017/11/01

This was an amazing trip. We had a smooth ride out to the Sheraton and saw a beautiful sunset.
Then we got our snorkels and masks and got in the water. We all grabbed the handrail on the kick board and gotntowed out to abgood spot. We ended up joining up with other groups to form a "buffet line". Th manta rays came through eating plankton doing barrel rolls so close I thought they were going to brush our faces with their wing tips!
I highly recommend this tour group. They're super friendly and are very good at what they do.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2017/10/29
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Mantas were great!

Reviewed by: Rosemary, 2017/07/09

We did the moonlight swim. The biggest manta ray was actually bumping some of the people in the water when she came up to eat the plankton that the lights attracted. We also saw so many fish. It was great. I would do this excursion again.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2017/06/21
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Best Manta Experience

Reviewed by: Mindy, 2016/06/08

I've taken three different groups on three different manta swims and this one was the best! I really liked how we were tethered to the boat so that inexperienced snorkelers and people that got cold could easily climb back on the boat while the rest of us could continue to enjoy the mantas. Because we were on the moonlight swim, we were in the harbor by ourselves by the end. All the mantas (four total that night) were ours to observe. It was awesome.

This is really a must-do for your Big Island trip.

Reply from activity provider

Thank you for your wonderful review on our Moonlit Manta Snorkel. We are so pleased your tour was such a success. It is our goal to have every person rate us as the best snorkel tours in Kona! You just described the advantages of doing the Moonlit tour. I always recommend this tour to people with children. Because there are only two to three boats at the later tour time, this allows us to tether the light board directly to the boat instead of swimming the light board in the middle of twenty something boats and their light boards to give you the best show. Some parents might have to switch out with their partner if they bring their young children (toddler's and babies are always welcome). There might also be children and/or adults that have some apprehension and would prefer to have the boat near by as a comfort. We hope you will remember us on your next trip to Kona. Mahalo!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2016/06/01
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Great experience with tha manta rays, but service below expectations

Reviewed by: Riccardo, 2015/05/31

We went on moonlight snorkeling tour and saw four manta rays, two quite big, they are so graceful dancing in the water below the light and passing inches from our bodies without touching us and without any fear. This experience is one to be remembered for the lifetime.
Said that, the service given is below expectations.
Let's start from pricing, no reduced price for the one that is not going off board snorkeling.
We arrived on time for the check in and the boat wasn't in the water yet, due to a problem with the truck. Maybe the info on the tour had been already given to the other participants, but nothing more for us. I recieved the wet suit, even though there was no locker room to change, only the marina restrooms.
Anyhow the boat went in the water just in time to go onboard, no gangboard, assuming people is used to jump on and off board.
We went quite fast to the point where manta rays are usually seen, there was already another boat from a different charter, we stood just aside them.
Gear provided by them, good quality, no water entered during all the visit.
Just few basic rules, do not dive, do not touch them, do not kick them, lay horizontally and stay attached to the plastic board, which hosts lights to attract plancton.
As said at the beginning, the experience is really wonderful and makes me almost forget the service part.
Returning onboard, just a minute to remove the wet suit, get dry, have a glass of hot soup and go back as fast as possible to the harbour.
A formal and quick goodbye and that's it.
Overall you cannot miss the mant rays snorkeling experience, but consider also other service providers with respect to this one.

Reply from activity provider

We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed the manta rays. If we receive a review that is less than 5 stars, we seek out ways in which we can make improvements. In your case, the areas in which you wish to see improvement are beyond our control. You are correct in that there are no locker room facilities. Honokohau Marina is operated and maintained by the State of Hawaii, who instead chooses to provide the public restroom facilities. You are also correct in that there is not a gang plank that is used to get onboard our boat. Like other companies in the harbor we tie up close against the dock, allowing you to step directly onto the boat from the dock. We charge the same price for the people who choose not to go into the water simply because that person still takes up a seat. We are limited by the U.S. Coast Guard as to how many passengers we can carry. We do offer discounts to children, local residents, military personnel, and for those returning to do additional tours with us.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2015/05/30
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